Friday, August 29, 2014

Sarah is 10 Months Old

Since Sarah is now actually 11 months old, I guess I should write her 10 month post.  I wrote down the milestones she had reached at her 10 month date, so let's just pretend that I'm writing this on time, ok?  Sarah, I'm sorry you're the second child.  If it makes you feel any better, I was super late with some of Joseph's monthly posts, too.

At 10 months of age, Sarah is crawling everywhere!  She has finally started babbling more, but refuses to say words on command (even though she would say mama and dada for a little while).  She wants to be where ever Joseph is, even if he's in time out.  In fact, now when Joseph is placed in time out he yells "Sarah, come here for a minute!" and Sarah takes off crawling for him as fast as she can.  It's annoyingly adorable.  She also "cruises" anytime she gets ahold of a push toy or piece of furniture.  Sarah's two top teeth broke through and are adorably huge and far apart, maybe I'll get a good picture of them someday.  Oh, Sarah also failed her hearing test... again (in Oklahoma all NICU babies have to have their hearing tested at 6 and 12 months, this was Sarah's third time to fail the 6 month test), so tubes are in her future.

Sarah - Month 10

She definitely doesn't have time to sit still these days (I get this pursed lips look a lot).

And only does it for a few seconds, even with toys.

I did manage to get a cute picture (with the good camera!) on July 4th thanks to Sam's help.

Sarah then spent the rest of the 4th swimming, sleeping, and eating.  What a life!

I can't get over her huge, blue eyes!

Sarah is now big enough to go on family bike rides.  She's not too sure about the helmet, but leaves it alone once we get moving.

She has also been working on her fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

This car has hundreds of miles and is on it's third owner.  Well, actually, she co-owns it with her brother who isn't ready to give it up yet.

I'm pretty sure Sarah will be our dare devil.  If she thinks she can climb it, she will.  This makes her much more cautious older brother nervous. 

Thanks for pretending this post was written on time with me :).  Oh, and another thing I'm running super late on is her birthday party.  It's going to be September 20th, so go ahead and mark it on your calendar if you're wanting to come.  Invites will go out next week.