Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sarah is 11 Months Old

Wow, it's hard to believe our sweet little girl is 11 months old already!  Sarah still isn't walking yet, but she can get around like it's nothing.  She even stands independently when she doesn't realize it.  Sarah now has 6 teeth with four more trying to pop through.  She is also starting to wean herself off of both bottles and formula (since she has started getting a hold of her brother's sippy cup and tasting the good life of whole cow milk).

Sarah - Month 11

We take brushing our teeth very seriously around here, particularly when it's your sibling's toothbrush and I'm trying to take pictures. 
Sarah often scrunches her nose, especially when she smiles.  I've been told she gets this from me.

Check out those big front teeth!  This was the best picture I could get of them, but trust me, they're there and they're big.

And we're done. 

As I mentioned last month, Sarah had to get tubes. 

The only problem we had related to her surgery is that Sarah is not a cuddler, thus she was unhappy and didn't know what to do about it as the anesthesia was wearing off.  Once her recovery time was over, we headed home where she let me hold her for one nap, then returned to her normal, independent self.  I'm happy to report that I truly think the tubes are working for her!  She will now actually sit on my lap while I read books and says mama, dada, and byebye regularly as well as tons of babbling (which she didn't do before).

Sarah went on her first camping trip this month.  She handled it like a pro which is great since the rest of our family loves camping.

Although we weren't surprised she liked camping given she loves being outside.

Notice her expression in the previous and next pictures, Sarah is simply a happy (or I often say content), but not overly smiley little girl.

Sarah still adores her brother!  Look at the way she looks up to him, it makes my heart smile.  She is definitely what our family needed.


  1. Heartwarming, as usual. I feel so blessed with the friendship of your family.