Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Month in Review - April

Well, since April has come and gone already, I guess I will write a recap of our month.  You might be thinking that I didn't write anything last month because I didn't have anything to write about, but it's actually because we were so busy I didn't have much time to get on the computer.  Here are a few of the highlights from April.

~ Sam and I started the month by coming home from dinner to find this in our yard.
 That's right, as an April Fools joke our neighbor forked our yard! 

~ We cleaned out the pond and added a second fountain.

~ We had a carnival at school. 

~ I finally convinced Sam to let me update our mailbox.
 Nothing is safe now that I have a Silhouette!

~ Sam got a shot in his back to help with the pain he has been experiencing.
 When I went back to sit with him and wait for his procedure I wasn't expecting him to be dressed like this.  Luckily, he was in a good mood and let me take a picture. 

~ I made a shirt for my friend's son's first birthday party.

~ I let my friend talk me into running the Remember the Ten 5k.  Thankfully, Sam ran with me since Bailey was actually running the 10k.  I might or might not have run into a huge flower pot mid-run.

~ Sam and Ben added a column to the back porch.

~ Bella went to school with me to teach safe procedures when petting dogs during pet week.
She waited oh so patiently in the office as the kids were waking up from rest time.

She even used good manners and looked at the speaker while the kids were asking me questions about her.

~ We went to Tulsa to The Black Keys concert.  Since we stayed at Sam's brother's house, we were able to take the dogs.  They had a blast playing with the cousin dogs!

Pete loves Bella so much!

Bella loves Sam!!!

So there you have it, April in a nutshell.  Maybe I'll have time to blog again once summer break starts.


  1. So glad that you taught the kids the safe way to approach and pet a dog....most parents do not do that!! (you know where I come from on this)

    1. Oh it is me Aunt Patty

  2. D'vine brownMay 7, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    Your neighbor is forkin' awesome!! ;p
    I don't think I April blogged either! Boooo!

  3. yeah puppy pics, cant wait to show abby the dogs after school she still talks about them and its been 4 years since shes been in your class lol they have such a good impact on kids