Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Independence Day

Independence Day was spent just like every other non-work day for the last month and a half at the Parks' house.  Since we didn't prepared a nursery ahead of time, every ounce of free time we have had has been spent doing just that (for the record, if we had to do it over we still wouldn't fix a nursery ahead of time... packing up a nursery is no fun).  Of course I couldn't settle for an out of the box, store-bought room (having the ability and desire to sew/craft is both a blessing and a curse sometimes).  Luckily, the hubs has been pretty awesome and willing to spend his evenings and weekends sanding and painting furniture. 

While he painted furniture, I sewed covers for the glider cushions.  We even covered buttons so they would match.

And Joseph did what he does best (look pretty darn adorable sleeping in his swing).

That evening, we headed out to Boomer Blast which Joseph thoroughly enjoyed!  He looked at the lights with amazement in his eyes the whole time (don't worry, we were far enough away that it wasn't loud).

Hi guys!

How adorable is his double chin?!?!

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  1. LOVE it! You got some great pics of the little guy on the 4th :) Love the one of him watching the fireworks.