Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pre-Fourth of July Fun

The weekend before the fourth of July, we headed south to visit Uncle Ty in Dallas.  We went down last year for some pre-fourth of July fun, so we decided to make it a tradition.  The weekend started on Friday when the guys moved dirt to level the ground for a pool. 

While they had the bobcat rented, they decided to remove the stump from Ty's front yard (I think they really just wanted to play on the machine).

That night, everyone went to a concert while Joseph and I met my aunt for dinner.  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from either of these events. 

Saturday we had a fun time hanging out in Ty's back yard.  We swam, grilled, jumped on the trampoline, and slept inside in our swing (ok, that last one was just for Joseph {I don't know what I would do without the baby monitor}).

I sometimes wonder if Ty's neighbors look out of their windows and wish that they had a yard big enough to actually mow much less have a pool and trampoline with plenty of room to spare (he lives on an acre in the middle of Arlington).

Joseph even debuted the new shades.

Before we headed home on Sunday, Joseph got to experience his first boat ride.  We didn't stay out too long and he and I hung out in the shade on the boat while everyone else swam, but it was still fun and he got to wear his adorable life jacket.

The brothers even humored me and took a picture with the little guy.


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