Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cousin Picture Bloopers

Our visit with cousin Bryar started out like any other visit.  We placed a blanket on the floor and began snapping pictures of our two munchkins. 

They were ok with it for the first couple of pictures, but we decided they were too far apart and needed to be moved a little closer together.  The boys were unsure what was happening and started giving us bug eyed looks.

Joseph then decided to play cowboy and ride an imaginary bull.

Suddenly, Bryar realized that someone was laying next to him.

Joseph thought he could fool Bryar into thinking he was gone if he laid really, really stiff and still.

It didn't work, Bryar came back with a vengeance.

Yes, an ear!

After their moms stepped in, they decided to play nicely and hold hands.

But the little hamster wheel in Bryar's head started turning again.

And he made a final attempt to grab Joseph.

Thus ending our photo shoot.

1 comment:

  1. I LOL'd at the frozen Joseph.
    Man, I love that kid.
    And, bryar's cheeks?!? Squishable?!? Yes, please!