Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Blooms

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of months, I just haven't had a chance or felt up to it.  

When Aubrey passed away, we held a small graveside service for her.  Nothing big, just family and close friends (really, we didn't call anyone and tell them, it was just people that heard and wanted to attend).  As is common with most funerals, some people sent floral arrangements or potted plants.  I have managed (barely) to keep two of Aubrey's potted plants alive.  One is some kind of viney thing and about once a week I really wonder if it will make it to the next week.  The other one is a Peace Lily.  The Peace Lily and I have a decent relationship, although it seldom blooms for me and when it does, it only has one bloom at a time.  Both plants live in our kitchen window and neither plant has a name, they are simply referred to as Aubrey's plants.  Shortly after Joseph joined our family, I was washing dishes when I looked up and noticed two gorgeous white blooms on the Peace Lily (when we left for the hospital, it had none). 

Some might see this as a coincidence, but I took it as a sign from Aubrey.  It's hard to have a new baby join your family after a loss.  You don't want to replace the child you lost, but at the same time you have to keep moving forward.  To me, two blooms were Aubrey's way of saying, "Mom, you have two kids now.  I know you won't forget me and I want you to know that it's ok to move on." 

I like to think that Aubrey got to help God to choose the perfect baby for our family.