Friday, September 14, 2012

Who Says Lake Season is Over

A couple of years ago, due to unseasonably warm weather and an away football game weekend, a group of us went on an impromptu trip to Lake Tenkiller.  We had so much fun, that we have since talked about going again.  We weren't able to make it happen last year, but this year Sam's older brother, Ty, took charge and planned a weekend getaway for us.  Both times, we stayed at Fin and Feather Resort, a place that holds fond memories for me. 

We had a few people back out last minute, so we ended up with two boats for 6 people and a baby.  Oh well, we just took a different boat each of the days we were there.  For those of you familiar with Fin and Feather, the rest of the crew (Sam and I had our own room since not everyone wants a baby crying in the middle of the night in their room) stayed in the cabin joined to the convenient store.  I had always wondered if people ever really stayed there. 

They had this awesome view from their front porch.

We woke up Saturday morning in our OSU pajamas and tried out the go-pod (which I love and will write more about in a later post).

Then changed into our Hoosiers style OSU outfit for game day since it was a little too chilly to go out on the lake that morning.  (Who said dressing little boys isn't fun?)

When it finally warmed up, we donned all of our safety apparel and hit the lake (don't worry, we had the shade up on the boat and he was under it except for during this picture).

We didn't stay out too long since we had the babe, Kim was needing to head back to Tulsa, and it was super windy.  When we returned to The Fin, Emily and I hit up the gift shop.  I texted Sam this picture asking about buying this hat for Joseph.  He had no choice but to say yes!

The day ended with the boys playing with a group of 7-11 year old kids in the pool for a few hours before everyone ate and crashed.

The next morning, the guys decided to go back out on the lake since it was both warmer and less windy than the day before.  I opted to stay behind and enjoy this view.

As we walked around the resort, I realized that this place really hasn't changed.  They still have the Fin Bin.

Which I'm sure still has the same games and miniature golf course from my childhood although I couldn't check it out because it was closed.

They even still have the same laundry carts, flowers on the side and all.

One thing that has changed is Soda Steve's.  It used to be a little corner of a building, but now it is it's own restaurant.

I couldn't resist some cheese fries and a root beer float while Joseph was napping. My Uncle Don and I would always get root beer floats when we visited.

Since I didn't go out on the boat with them Sunday, I don't have any lake pictures, but I was told that a lot of wake boarding, snorkeling, and just hanging out happened.  Instead, you are stuck with more pictures of Joseph because that's what I did while they were gone, played with and took pictures of Joseph.

In case you are curious what a series of Joseph photos looks like, here you go.  I seriously took these three pictures consecutively.  I have many picture files with series like this one on my computer. 

When they finally got off the lake mid afternoon, we took a quick group picture (minus Kim since she left early) then headed home... tired, refreshed, and ready to do it again next year.


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