Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joseph is 11 Months Old!

Can you believe I haven't blogged since Joseph's 10 month post?  I know some of you have noticed because you have oh so politely reminded me :).  Don't worry, I have pictures from Easter and a visit with cousin Bryar that I will share at a later time (let's just say pregnancy plus a very active infant/toddler has left little time for household chores much less blogging).  For now, I wanted to get Joseph's 11 month post up. 

Where oh where have the last eleven months gone!?!?  It seems like just yesterday we were driving to Durant in the late evening hours for what turned out to be a false alarm (more on that when I publish Joseph's story on his birthday)!  To say this little boy has me wrapped around his finger would be an understatement.  His unprompted hugs bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye while turning my heart to mush.  He also has a smile that can light up a room. 

Joseph has continued to be a good eater and rarely gets baby food anymore.  For the most part, he eats what Sam and I eat for every meal (which really makes me stop and think about what Sam and I are eating) plus snacks in between.  I have officially taken his morning bottle away and now give him formula in a sippy cup with breakfast instead.  In the next couple of weeks, I will take away his other during the day bottles, but I'm not ready to give up the night time bottle yet (it's one of the few times he's willing to let me rock him). 

He shows no interest in walking yet.  I think it's because he can get places so quickly crawling (the little guy is fast!) and walking takes longer.  In fact, his lack of desire to walk resulted in his first sentence the other day.  While bringing Joseph in from the back yard, Sam grabbed Joseph's hands and was helping him walk to the door.  After a few steps, Joseph started trying to pull downward out of Sam's hands so he could crawl and said, "No no Dada."  I had to stop myself from laughing.  If this is a sign of things to come and the stubborn will of our child, we might be in trouble. 

In other news, Joseph has four teeth (two central ones on bottom and fangs on top).  And weighs in at a hefty 24 pounds. 

 Joseph - 11 Months

Sitting at the table, one of his favorite places.

This is a classic Joseph look.

Joseph loves this puzzle.

I love his leg dimples.

Notice he's not laying on the fabric this month.  We tried, we really did, it just wasn't happening.  And then I was so eager to get a picture of him smiling I got everything crooked (photography fail).


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