Thursday, July 25, 2013

Joseph's 12 Month Update (a Couple Months Late)

I realize that Joseph is already 14 months old, but I want to write a quick 12 month post for him so I can have his entire first year printed into a book since I'm not doing a good job keeping up with a baby book.  Since the hubs got me a new computer for our anniversary, I should be able to do a better job keeping everyone updated on the Parks family happenings now :). 

On Saturday, May 18, our little Joseph turned one year old.  At the time, he would only walk about three steps between two people.  He had six teeth (four on top, two on bottom).  He was still getting a night time bottle, but drank out of a sippy cup the rest of the day.  He had completely weaned himself off of baby food and ate anything and everything we were eating. 

Joseph - 12 Months

(Since his birthday was on a Saturday, I decided to use this picture instead of trying to get another picture in a solid white onesie.)
 We met up with Cousin Bryar at Papa Joe's house one afternoon.  This is how they felt about taking pictures.

We also visited their Great-Grandparents McMahan while we were there.


  1. SO glad you are back!
    That is an AWESOME pic of the boys with our grandparents! I need a copy of that. Please :)