Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Has it Really Been 9 Years

9 years!  Has it really been that long?  Sometimes it seems like just last week I was excitedly preparing to vow to love this man for the rest of my life in front of our family and friends.  Most days, it simply feels so right to be together that I can't remember what life was like before.  We've had our ups and downs (as all marriages do) and faced challenges I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (infertility and infant loss are not for the weak of heart or mind), but our relationship is stronger because of it.  Through all of our challenges, I was and still am so thankful to have my rock to help me through (when asked how we do it, I often tell people we turn to God, each other, and our family, otherwise we would be just another statistic of couples torn apart by these circumstances). 

I think part of what makes Sam an amazing husband is how deeply he loves his family.  His concern for the safety of me and the kids is evident (and a little annoying sometimes ;), and truly comes from the bottom of his heart.  His desire to have kids is enduring (not every man is as on board with fertility treatments and adoption {both extremely long, tiring processes} as Sam was/is).  Seeing the tears in his eyes when we visit Aubrey's grave or when he saw Sarah for the first time in her ultrasound turns my heart to mush and seeing him play with Joseph and the love they share is the highlight of my day. 

A few weeks ago, our sermon at church was over being Godly wives (don't worry, being Godly husbands was the next week :).  As I sat there overcome with how much room for improvement I have, Sam leaned over and whispered, "Thank you for being such a great wife.  You are a crown that I wear proudly."  Talk about turning on the waterworks.  Sam, the truth is, I'm only the wife I am because of the husband you are.  Thank you for everything you do for me and our family!  Thank you for working hard every day to provide for us.  Thank you for being supportive of me staying home with the kids and understanding that comforting and playing come above housework (although I probably need to work on that a little).  Above all, thank you for loving me more than I'll ever deserve.  I look forward to enjoying many more years of wedded bliss with you!

July 30, 2004
July 6, 2013


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