Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spring/Summer Fun Part I

Since I am obviously not going to get around to writing a blog post for each thing we did this spring/summer, you're stuck with a couple of longish posts highlighting some of our most memorable activities. 

In April, Joseph got to meet Pistol Pete for the first time.  Luckily, he wasn't scared of him, just curious.  This might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but my fellow loyal OSU alums understand that his first Pistol Pete meeting needed documented. 

Shortly after Joseph's birthday, we went camping with Ben and Kim at Keystone Lake.  It was Joseph's first camping trip and the first time we got to use our new family size tent. 

Of course, we took Bella and Rufus which made Joseph happy.

This might be my new favorite picture of Joseph and Sam.  I love how Joseph is pulling Sam's face closer to him.

A couple of weeks later, we went camping again.  This time we were with three other families and had a total of nine boys and one girl present (as far as kids go)!  We went to the Great Salt Plains, but decided Joseph was a little young to actually go digging for crystals, so we skipped that part.

Our little guy is a great camper!  It helps that he loves to be outdoors.

In June, we took mommy and me swim lessons (which are a lot of work for mommy) with our friend Ethan and his mommy.

In mid-June, Joseph and I were in a car wreck that totaled our car.  It's crazy how having kids changes the way you think about things.  My first thought was "the air bag just went off and hit my stomach" my immediate second thought was "Joseph is in the back seat."  We all escaped with me just having a bruise on my upper stomach (luckily, Sarah sits really low) and some seatbelt burn.  Since Joseph is still rear-facing (and will be until he's 12 ;), he didn't realize anything happened and didn't have a single bruise.  In case you are curious as to what happened, a college girl didn't know where her exit was to get onto I-35 and came into my lane at near highway speeds.  Thank you, Subaru and your amazing safety ratings!  And yes, we went and got everybody checked out and we were all fine.  After a long wait (who knew Subarus are so popular right now), I finally got my replacement last week. 

The weekend after my wreck, Sam and I took Joseph to Nash to see wheat harvest.  Boy did we have a little boy in tractor heaven!  He helped Daddy plow.

Watched the combines with Grandpa Parks.

And even rode a combine with Daddy and Uncle Mat.

Great-grandpa Parks was there too. 

On June 25, we celebrated Joseph's Gotcha Day (the day we legally got him) by going to the Wondertorium (a children's museum here in Stillwater) with some friends, playing outside with shaving cream,

and his favorite treat, ice cream.  (And a hair cut a couple of days later.  Man, does it grow fast!)

A summer post wouldn't be complete without documenting what we do almost daily around here... play in the backyard.  Have I mentioned that this little boy loves being outside?!

Ok, now that I'm caught up through the end of June, I can get to work on my next super long post.


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