Friday, July 26, 2013

His First Easter

I know, I know, you're probable thinking "Doesn't she realize Easter was three months ago!"  Yes, I do.  But you see, it was my baby's first Easter and I need to document in on the ol blog so I can print it out in his book and remember it forever. 

Our church held their children's service and Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter and we thought it was a perfect opportunity for Joseph to enjoy the festivities.  This was the first time he had sat in the sanctuary with us since he was three or four months old (when he decided that the people around us would rather hear him talk than the preacher).  Luckily it was kid directed (lively and quick), so he did a pretty good job.  No, I didn't take pictures during the service, this is while we were waiting for it to start.

After the service, we went outside.  The little guys and gals hunt wasn't much of a hunt, but more of a run around and grab as many eggs off of the ground as you can free for all.  Joseph crawled to the nearest egg, shook it, realized it made noise, and was finished.  I grabbed another egg that happened to be close and he was more than happy with his two pink Easter eggs. 

The next morning, his Easter basket was waiting for him when he woke up.  I might have gone a little over board, but I've dreamed of making Easter baskets for my kids for a long time.

Of course, his favorite items were a truck and ball.  Go figure, this kid is all boy!

Somehow I managed to not get any pictures other than his Easter basket ones on the actual Easter Sunday, but just picture our little guy looking all dapper hanging out in the church nursery then coming home to a meal of ham and all the fixings prepared by yours truly.  Overall, I think he had a great first Easter.

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