Friday, May 9, 2014

Sarah is 7 Months Old!

Little Miss is seven months old already!  Although it wasn't an extremely busy month, she did reach some noteworthy milestones.  The first one is that she is sitting independently.  It's almost like it happened overnight.  One day she could barely sit up for a few seconds, the next day she was good for a few minutes, and now she can sit there as long as you need her too or until she decides to lay down and roll around.  Speaking of rolling, she still isn't crawling yet, but she can sure manage to find her way to objects on the floor that she really wants (especially pacifiers) even if it requires her to move forward not sideways.  Sarah has become a good eater and (for the most part) only gets upset regarding food if we aren't feeding her fast enough.  She is loving peas, green beans, carrots, and butternut squash and tolerating sweet potatoes.  Lucky for me, Joseph loves the same veggies and doesn't really care for sweet potatoes too.  She also eats fruits when I offer them to her although she isn't allowed to have any more bananas for a while.  One of her favorite things is when Joseph shares his whole strawberries with her and she gets to gum one to pieces.  She also tried her first bite of cake this month when she grabbed it off of my plate at a baby shower and started shoving it in her mouth before I realized (it was lemon bundt cake, so at least she started with something good). 

Sarah Month 7

She's still loving grabbing her toes (which makes it difficult to get a picture of her letter shirts).

How are double chins so cute on babies?

This is when she realized Joseph was playing with her dresser drawers and was finished taking pictures because she wanted to watch him. 

And then he left the room and she decided to try the whole crawling thing again.

Isn't she adorable when she lays down for nap and bed?  She still likes to be swaddled to sleep, but I'm wrapping her looser and looser each day to gradually wean her from it.  That is a sleep mat she's laying on that tells us if she's awake of asleep and how many breaths per minute she's taking.  I'm going to have to wean myself from her using it. 

He favorite thing to chew on is anything Joseph hands her.

She now sits up like a big girl during story time at the library. 

I have to admit, this is not my favorite age.  She is no longer content if I leave the room for a second, but she can't follow me on her own.  She wants to eat, but she can't really feed herself yet.  She's cutting teeth (they'll pop through any day), but she doesn't know how to communicate her pain.  Don't get me wrong, I love her and wouldn't trade her for anything, I'm just saying I'm ready for her to be able to do some of this stuff so she won't be as frustrated (and fussy).


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