Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sarah is 8 Months Old!

Since Sarah will be turning 9 months old next week, I guess it's time I finally sat down and wrote her 8 month post.  Good thing I've been making notes on my phone about what she's doing each month and took her picture when it was time.  Not a whole lot changed during her 8th month, so I don't have a lot to write.  One big thing that changed is that Sarah got her first tooth!  Her second one wasn't too far behind, but I think it technically broke through after she was 8 months old.  This development made her a happy, content little girl again.  When she turned 8 months, she was still inchworm crawling like crazy and showing a lot of interest in real crawling.  Sarah still eats pretty much anything you put in front of her and is getting much better about manipulating puffs and cheerios to her mouth. 

Sarah Month 8
She did not want to lay down for pictures this month, so I gave in an let her sit up.  Luckily, I learned from my monthly picture taking experience with Joseph and bought two yards of fabric this time instead of one so sitting up is more of an option.  Although she still wanted to "crawl" away, so I gave in yet again and let her have a toy to chew on.

She finally sat still, but was a little too busy to look at me for a picture.

This is what she was looking at.  The toddler managed to climb into her crib, but couldn't get out and was instantly rather upset about it.  I had warned him that I would not be getting him out until I was finished and he chose to climb in anyway.  Momma doesn't make blank threats (yup, I'm mean like that).  *Sarah's crib has since been lowered so he can no longer climb in.*

Miss Sarah LOVES being outside which is great because so does the rest of the family!

For now, she is still content to sit and play with her toys and watch Joseph play.  I'm sure this will change soon.

Sarah also went swimming for the first time this month (although the water was a little cold for her liking).

And there you have it, Sarah's 8 month blog post.  See ya in a few days for her 9 month post (maybe).


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