Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ben and Kim's Wedding Weekend

I'm so excited that Sam's brother finally bit the bullet and brought Kim into the family!  I managed to not get many pictures of the two of them all weekend, but I'm telling myself that's ok because they had a paid photographer focusing on them.  So, here's the skinny on Ben and Kim's weekend with very few pictures of Ben or Kim.

Friday, we headed over to help decorate the reception hall and do anything else Ben and Kim needed us to do before the rehearsal that night.  Kim had pinned a shirt similar to this a couple of weeks prior, so I broke out the Silhouette and heat transfer vinyl and surprised her with my version when we got there.  I put it on a loose work-out type sweatshirt for their plane ride to their honeymoon. 

Since they were pretty much finished decorating by the time we got there (our dear, sweet, giant dog had some stomach issues the night before resulting in me needing to steam clean a few large areas of carpet before we could leave), I left Sam to help Ben do guy stuff while the kids and I went and checked in to the hotel.  (Have I mentioned how fun this kid is?!)

The wedding rehearsal was really low key and in their backyard.


Hello, cuteness.

After the rehearsal, we all ate dinner by the pool.  A couple of Kim's friends did an amazing job decorating for the event.  Have I mentioned that my mother-in-law owns a café and used to do catering and makes the best steaks ever?

Oh, this boy, he melts my heart.

After dinner, a few of us braved the pool (Sam was supposed to swim with the kids that night, but they guys were all going to a concert and didn't think he would be finished swimming before time to leave, so I was nominated to get in.)

Sarah wasn't too sure about the cold water.

The next day was wedding day.  It was gorgeous!

I might have bribed the toddler with a sucker.

And he might have shared a few licks with this sweet girl.

As I mentioned, I didn't get many pictures of Ben and Kim, but that's ok because I captured a few moments she missed like this one.

The groomsmen were oblivious.

Isn't this a beautiful setting?

Sam's grandparents from Oregon were down and finally got to meet Miss Sarah.

Since I was wearing coral accessories, we joked that Sarah was dressed to be another accessory.

Be still, my heart.

Of course we had to attempt a family picture.

This picture still makes me laugh.  As we were taking a picture of just the two of us, Sam leaned in and whispered, "Your shoes don't match your belt."  Both were coral, but we ordered them from different stores online and they were slightly different colors.  He had been assuring me they looked fine together.  This is him thinking he's hilarious and me telling him that was a dick move.  It was all in good fun and we were actually laughing the whole time.

Sam's other brother, Ty, and his girlfriend, Emily.

I adore the way he looks at his Daddy.

Ladies, he's single.  And in Abu Dhabi for a couple of years :(.  This weekend was the last one all the boys had together until he comes back. 

My sharp dressed boy loves his grandma.

And his Poppy.

The reception hall was gorgeous also (it was at the German American Society of Tulsa)!

Unfortunately, the setting sun and indoor lighting combo in conjunction with the toddler I was chasing and infant on my hip proved to be a little above my photography level, so most of my pictures from the night are sub-par or non-existent. 

After a few attempts, I ended up just putting my camera on the table for most of the night.  Some of our crew would randomly grab it and take pictures, but that was the extent.

In fact, there are pictures that I have no clue who took them.  Like this one of my in-laws.  (But I'm glad they did).

By the end of the night, both of our kids crashed right there in the reception hall where everyone was talking and music was playing and everything.

Sunday morning, we all slept in.  Then, since Ben and Kim weren't leaving for their honeymoon until Monday morning, we all went back out to their house for lunch and pool time. 

Aunt Emily was my saving grace this weekend since Sam was so busy with all his groomsman stuff.  It was nice for my kids to spend so much time with her and form a bond since she lives in Dallas, so they don't get to see her very often.

Kim has a nephew a few months older than Joseph.  They decided they needed to sit in these pool tubes to eat their pizza.

The two little boys are pretty funny together.  Uncle Ben was a good sport and let them "push" him in with their pool noodles.

He got them back by blowing water on them.  Joseph, especially, loved this and kept wanting more.

Because even grown men like to jump in the pool at the same time.

While the guys played around in the pool, the lady folk went inside to watch Kim open her wedding gifts.  Afterwards, it was time to go home so Ben and Kim could have a little down time and finish packing.

Ty, Emily, Aaron, and Brandon all came back to Stillwater with us since nobody had work on Monday.  Joseph thought it was really cool that they came to our house.  Monday's weather was amazing, so we all went to Eskimo Joe's and sat out on the patio for lunch.  Joseph is a member of the Buffy Kids Club, a club they have that sends out coupons for stuff a few times per year.  For his birthday, they sent him a coupon for a free milkshake.  They couldn't have given our ice cream loving little boy a better gift.  He also thought it was super cool that he got to "pay" for it himself by giving them his coupon. 

After lunch, everyone headed home and we went home to take a nap :).


  1. First of all, Kim looked STUNNING!! Omg!!! Second of all, you never showed us your shoes and belt so we couldn't fairly judge if it was *truly* a dick move (lol!) and thirdly, why do I know nothing of this Buffy kids club??

  2. Adrianne WilliamsJuly 22, 2014 at 6:23 PM

    We are so regretting that we didn't go. Darn it! Great pictures!

  3. Kim was a gorgeous bride!!! Loved all the pics, what a fun weekend!