Monday, July 14, 2014

Sarah is 9 Months Old!

What!  When did my baby become 3/4 of a year old?!  Isn't it crazy to think this is how old Joseph was when we first found out about Sarah (no, that's not an announcement)!  Sarah had a fairly eventful month this month and I managed to take a few cute photos throughout the month (but I didn't edit any of her monthly pics even though the lighting was terrible), so don't say I didn't warn you about a long-ish monthly post :). 

Sarah Month 9

Sarah can now full fledge crawl like crazy!  That girl is everywhere!  Before she could actually crawl, she managed to master the two steps going out of our living room, so she goes all over the house now.  She also pulls up on everything!  I have a feeling she will be walking before her first birthday.

One perk of having a toddler too is that he announces where Sarah is and what she is doing most of the time.  I often hear "Mommy, why Sissy go her room?" or "Mommy, why Sissy pway with that _____ (insert name of object he knows/thinks they aren't supposed to be playing with)?" 

She is not hip on having her monthly pictures taken anymore (or sitting still at all), so I have to bribe her to sit there and not crawl of with plenty of toys and brother "reading" books.

She can now say mama and dada, but she will NOT say them on command.  It's normally just when she wants something or I'm not feeding her fast enough.  She also kind of waves when she really want's to, but, again, not on command.

Sarah gets to eat table food now which she loves!  Give this girl a whole strawberry (or pretty much any fruit) and she is happy as a lark gumming it to pieces.  She also eats her veggies well, we've just been eating a lot of fresh fruit at the Parks house due to the season.

Sarah's second tooth finally pushed through this month resulting in a happier girl.

Unfortunately, shortly after her bottom teeth were visible, her two middle top teeth started trying to break through too. 

Sarah loves swinging which is funny since she was not a fan of the baby swing as an infant (Joseph was the exact opposite).

Joseph does not like swinging and opts to push Sarah resulting in two happy kiddos.

Sarah's new nickname is Cleopatra because anytime we go swimming she floats around like the queen.  Seriously, this girl loves the water!  We have a mini-pool now (around 30 inches deep) and she loves to float around and watch Joseph who is happy to entertain her.

She has also decided to move around a lot in her sleep resulting in her not sleeping on her sleep mat.  I know I'm having a much harder time accepting this reality than she is.

For Daddy's birthday/Flag Day/ Father's Day (they all happened during a two day period), we took some impromptu pictures in the front yard.

I love how their love for each other is evident!


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