Thursday, February 3, 2011

How I Spent Snow Day #2

My crafting has gotten a little out of control.  I'm not talking about how much time I spend doing it, I'm talking about the fact that I have stuff everywhere.

 This was our guest bedroom.  I'm a little embarrassed to post these pictures, but I'm hoping that it will keep me from letting it get this bad again.  That's all crafting stuff.  I was just putting it where ever I could. 

I even had stacks of stuff on the bed.

As for the closet...well, that's where I would throw stuff when people would come over.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to do some major organizing.

I'm so excited with how organized it is!  I still need to get some kind of tall, thinnish shelf for the right hand side, but I'm snowed in and had to make due with what I had.  Let's play a quick game of I spy:
~every book Sam ever bought for college (top shelf, you can only see part of them in this picture).
~not one, but two sewing machines, one is a serger so they are different (oh wait, there's three, see the handy stitch still in the box on the upper shelf).
~my teacher certification portfolio (upper shelf because I busted my booty to make that thing!).
~rolled up pocket charts (you teachers know what I'm talking about, I didn't have a container the right size to put them in my shed :).
~pointer hand (see previous excuse).

And now we can have guests again!  The bookshelf is going to be moved to the kids' room when I start getting it ready.

While I was at it, I cleaned one of the hall closets too.  This is where I store Sam's gym towels, beach towels, extra blankets, and the dogs' sheets (folded and placed in baggies labeled on the outside).

The bottom of the closet holds some of our camping stuff (air mattress, sleeping bag, and pumps) and my jewelry tree (in the box).

Sorry for all the pictures, I was just so psyched about how it all turned out!


  1. Wow! Looks great! I think I need to come see it in person :)

  2. Courtney, you put me to shame. You did a great job!