Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adoption Update, 5k (fingers crossed), and a Clean Garage

We just scheduled the first visit of our home study for next Wednesday, April 20th!!!   I guess that means I need to gather the rest of the documents they requested and complete the papers they left before then.:)  When I called Sam to tell him he said, "Wow, we're getting closer."

 On a different note, I might be crazy but I'm running in my first 5k this weekend! It's funny when you tell people that you are "training" to run a 5k because you always get one of two responses;  there are the runners who are like, "No big deal, that's my warm-up" and the non-runners who are like, "What?  That's a long way to run."  I've been wanting to run a 5k for a while, but haven't been able to because either a.) we were doing fertility treatments, b.) I was pregnant, or c.) we were doing fertility treatments (between the pre-Aubrey and post-Aubrey treatments it feels like we were doing them forever, it's kind of nice to not be worried about that anymore.)  I was letting the dogs run with me until I reached the two mile mark, at that point Sam told me that I needed to quit taking them with me because he didn't want Bella's joints to start hurting her.  As much of a pain as it was sometimes, I miss this view:
Notice how hard Rufus is pulling on his leash... and this was after our two mile jog.  What can I say, that boy has energy!

Last weekend, in keeping with our spring cleaning and organizing (and purging), we cleaned out our garage.  I don't have any before pictures because, frankly, it was embarrassing (let's just say we couldn't fit a vehicle in there).  The shed Sam built me has helped greatly as we moved all of the lawn and garden stuff out there.  We still have to organize the back counter and cabinets, but I'm stoked about how the rest of it looks.  I think the part I like best, other than being able to park my car in there, is that our bikes actually have a home on the wall now.  


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