Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Classes Down and Home Study Progress

Last night was our second Resource Family Class (also referred to as parenting class).  In our class their are about 25 people.  Two other couples are there to adopt (one of which had foster children in the past and now wants to adopt four kids under the age of eight... and people think we're crazy :(), their are also a few couples who are just there to be foster parents, the rest are kinship of some sort meaning they had a relationship with children that went into DHS care (they can be family, teachers, go to the same church, their are many options for kinship) so they already have children in their homes.  The class is a little interesting because it is aimed at kinship and foster parents.  The ultimate goal of a Bridge Resource Family (people taking this class) is to reunite the children with their parents.  If reunification is not possible for whatever reason, that's when couples like us are allowed to adopt the children.  Two classes down, seven more to go.

I have to tell you a sweet story that goes with our Resource Family Class.  The first night, we wrote our name and reason for being in class on the front of our "name tent."  We were then asked to draw a picture of what we are most proud of on the back.  I asked Sam what he was going to draw and he said, "I'm just going to draw an arrow pointing to you."  Sweet, right!  Well, I told him that he's a dork and he needed to actually draw something.  Here's what he came up with:
Yes, Sam is making and "O", I'm making a "S", and Bella is saying "U".  Notice little miss Aubrey up on the right with her halo and wings.  I love it!!!

The first visit with our home study contractor went well.  In fact, we will be finished with the home study in the minimum number of visits since our house already passed due to all the safety features we implemented.  All we lack in relation to the home study is information regarding us, how we were raised, our families, and how we will raise children (we will finish these through e-mail), as well as our physicals and finger prints (which we have scheduled for May 3) and our life book.  Here is the emergency information we posted on the refrigerator:
I might have been a little anal about including any information they might possible need including how to give directions to our house, but I didn't want to leave anything off.

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  1. I like how your magnets promote St. Jude's Hospital. Did that give you any bonus points? :) Any child will be lucky to have you both!!!