Friday, February 10, 2012

Camy's Fabulous 50 (Last Saturday Part 2)

My mom turned 50 this weekend!  Even though she didn't want a party, Mindy and I decided to plan a surprise gathering with some of her friends.  It started out innocent enough with dinner (she was already in Oklahoma City for my sister's baby shower and thought my step-dad and a couple of other couples were meeting us for dinner, she was surprised to see it was just her girlfriends).

 Why, Tina, what is that in your glass of water?

Oh, you know, just a movie ticket from the night before.  

 After everyone arrived for dinner, we told Mom that she could open her gift from Mindy and me (we had asked everyone else to just bring a card).  The first object she pulled from the bag was a pair of yoga pants.  She was trying to figure out why we would get her such a random gift when we told her to keep digging.  The next item was a pink t-shirt that I made for the occasion that said "Camy's Fabulous 50."  She was laughing at the shirt when we told her to look in the bag again.  In the bottom of the bag was an invitation to the party.  Here she is saying, "Pole dancing?!" 

That's right, we arranged a private pole dancing class for our mom and some of her friends!  Here's the over 50 crowd.  Some of them participated in the class, some of them just watched and laughed.

Since our moms are friends, we invited a couple of our friends to come laugh participate with us.  Here we all are in a group picture.

And the class begins...

We took lots of breaks.

We ate awesome angel food cake! (Why yes, those are left over Oreo pops from the baby shower earlier in the day.)  I made the little 50's to put on the table at the last minute when I realized that the black table cloth was going to be a little too dark for my liking (thank you, Silhouette!).

Mom showing us that she can still do a cartwheel.

I was told that I couldn't post most of the pictures from the night, but I had to include a couple.  Here is the instructor helping Tiffany flip upside down.

And here I am laying on the floor after sliding down head first (don't I look SO graceful ;)

As you can see from the pictures, we shared MANY laughs that night.  A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this a fantastic night!!!