Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The South Won This One...

On Sunday, Sam took me to a Civil War re-enactment!  I've wanted to see a war re-enactment since the first time I saw the movie Sweet Home Alabama so I knew I had to make it happen when I found out about one less than 30 minutes from our house.  It didn't take too much convincing to get Sam to go since he is a history fan.  In fact, he researched the battle we would be watching.  Turns out, historians are unsure where the actual location of this fight was, but they know it was in the Yale/Keystone Lake area on November 19, 1861.  At this battle, the Texas Division of the South defeated the Seminole and Creek tribes (two of the few tribes that sided with the North).  Although the re-enactment was not completely historically accurate, the actors did a good job portraying the general idea.  Here are some pictures and captions from the version of the battle that we witnessed.

The front line for the Confederates slowly gained ground.

The Union soldiers continued to fight an admirable battle until the end.

Both sides had cannons.

The Creek and Seminole Indians charged the Confederates from the trees although I doubt they would have found many trees on the prairie in 1861.

I know it was a re-enactment, but this scene was touching to me. 

The final Confederate charge. 

And the Union surrendered.  (In reality, the Confederates claimed victory because Chief Opothleyahola left the area after setting the prairie grass on fire at the end of the fight.)

Sam loved the uniforms that both sides were wearing. 

The flag for the victors, the Texas Division of the South.

They even had a dulcimer player there!

After the Civil War re-enactment, we decided to continue our historical day by stopping at the town of Ingalls, Southeast of Stillwater.  This is where the fight between United States Marshals and the Doolin-Dalton gang happened on September 1, 1891.  This monument and a fabricated "old" town (which we assume is used for re-enactments) are the only evidence that this gunfight occurred there. 

And there you have it, our little journey through Oklahoma history.  Who said this blog wasn't educational?!

If you are interested in reading more about either of these historical event, here are a couple of links:

Battle of Round Mountain

US Marshal gunfight with the Doolin-Dalton gang


  1. Wow. I was there on Sunday as well!

  2. Lol! John and I have gone to that a couple times, it's always a good (loud!) time. We'll have to take Evan one year!