Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joseph's Seven Month Post (A Little Late)

Since we are quickly closing in on Joseph's eight month mark, I guess I should go ahead and write his seven month blog post.  Honestly, he didn't really change a whole lot between the ages of six and seven months.  He was still eating anything we tried to give him, he was still rolling all over and trying to crawl, and he never had any teeth break the surface.  Other than that, he was just our typical happy unless he's not baby.  Even his seven month picture is boring (I'm starting his middle name with month eight).

Joseph - 7 Months

The only exciting event other than Thanksgiving during this time period was when we met my sister and Bryar in Oklahoma City to visit our Grandma Johnnie (the boys' great-great grandma).  I'm so glad we went to visit her, you could tell it really made her day.  She told everyone that would listen about her great-great-grandsons. 

I truly love this picture!  How often do you see hands this old and young together. 

Grandma got love from Joseph.

And kisses from Bryar.

Please ignore how my sister and I look and the fact that we didn't realize that Grandma's shirt was falling down.  When grandma asks for a picture, we don't tell her no. 

Lucky for you, I do have some of his six month pictures to share.  Hopefully that will make this post a little better.  I started off trying to take them by myself at the OSU botanical gardens where his newborn pictures were taken.  Not only did I forget to change my white balance (I had previously shot at an indoor event with very poor lighting), but all the grass was dead and Joseph wouldn't look at me.  This is after I tried to edit it so it wouldn't look too terribly bad.

Take two happened over Thanksgiving.  Since we were going to my in-laws and I knew they had a few wheat fields to choose from (to look like green grass), I asked my friend if I could borrow her son's Tonka truck for the whole weekend.  I still don't think I'm 100% happy with the pictures, but they are better than the previous ones. 

If I would have realized I was going to have Sam in some of the pictures, I probably would have had him change clothes.  Oh well, I'm glad I went ahead and snapped these pics while he was playing with Joseph.

The ride home.  You should have seen his little cheeks bouncing!

Can you believe this is the same truck he fit so perfectly in the back of in his newborn pictures!

And since she's a much better photographer than me.  Here are a few Christmas pictures Heidi took of Joseph during this time period.  I asked her to watch him for thirty minutes while I searched my house for something I thought I lost and was shocked to recieve these (and about 20 more) in an e-mail that night.  I don't know if she was wanting to play with her new camera or just loves Joseph that much, but either way I'll take it. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, that last Christmas picture of him is so adorable! He is so, so cute!