Friday, October 25, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Another homecoming has come and gone.  Although we didn't participate in near as many activities as I predicted last year due to Miss Sarah's arrival, we still had a blast celebrating our alma mater.  Of course, we didn't lug the big camera around since we are still adjusting to the whole second child and all their stuff thing, so you will have to settle for cell phone pics. 

Friday night, Sam and I left Sarah at the house with my mom and took Joseph to walk around.  Like last year, Sam carried Joseph in the back pack carrier.  Joseph loved walk around this year!  The whole time we were there, he was talking and pointing at stuff.  I love that our carrier has a "bubble" as we call it because it was a chilly night in Stillwater, but he was nice and toasty the whole time. 

I can't believe how much bigger he is than last year!

Saturday morning, we opted to skip the super cold early morning parade and let Joseph sleep in a little even though I know he would have loved it.  When we finally got up and around, I dressed the kids in their OSU attire.
By the time I decided to take a picture of the two of them, our game was on and Joseph was much more interested in cheering on the cowboys than taking a picture (when he wasn't cheering, he was rubbing Sarah's leg :).

Since the weather was amazing, we decided to head on up to campus for a little bit.  We didn't have any tailgating plans, so we mostly just walked around campus talking and hanging out with Sam's brothers and Emily and Kim.  I think it's safe to say Joseph likes the new double stroller (if you want to feel old, push a double stroller around campus for a little while).

Since Sam's older brother went to Texas A&M instead of OSU like Sam and his younger brother, the guys decided a campus tour was in order.  We ended up on library lawn where we let Joseph run around for a little while.

These two make my heart happy!

Joseph really liked the orange fountain!  It took a little convincing and a close eye to keep him from going for a swim. 

We even took a family picture since the only pics we had of the four of us were from when Joseph met Sarah at the hospital (don't worry, we're fixing that soon).

Over all, it was a great, relaxing weekend.  maybe next year we'll finally attend some of those fun, extra events they have.


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