Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sarah is 1 Month Old!

Can it be?  Have I really been a mommy to two awesome kids both under the age of 18 months for a whole month (well, longer than that now since she was a month old October 25th)?!  It seems so right to have them both with me all day every day that I really can't remember what it was like to just have Joseph.  I wrote about her first week here which was by far the most eventful week of the month.  This month, Sarah also attended her first Oktoberfest and OSU homecoming

Sarah is a complete 180 from Joseph as a baby which is a nice change.  Mostly because she sleeps a lot and rarely cries!  When she is awake, she is very alert and constantly looking around figuring out this crazy world she lives in now.  Sometimes, I don't even know she's awake because she lays there so quietly just looking around.  She also has super skinny legs and long skinny fingers that remind me of her sister.  Other than that, she's your typical newborn... she eats, she sleeps, she needs a diaper change.

Of course, I'm spelling her first and middle name with her monthly onesies like I did with Joseph (is it sad that after we chose her first name I told Sam her middle name had to be seven letters or less so it would fit?).  Of course, I was already two days late taking her first month picture and I had to take it at night, in our living room, using my flash (sorry, Sarah, it comes with being the second child).
Sarah - Month 1
Since it was late at night, she insisted on having her pacifier.

And did this when I tried to take it away.


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