Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Day at the Zoo With Aunt Moo

On Monday, my sister and I took advantage of the amazing weather and took our kids to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  We've been planning this trip for a few weeks, so we were excited when we realized that great weather was predicted for the day.  We met mid-morning and began our journey with a visit to the giraffes.  A baby giraffe was born the day after Sarah and I've been itching to go see it every since.  Unfortunately, she wasn't outside when we got over there.  We waited around for a little bit, then decided to move on since we had two antsy little boys.  We walked the rest of the loop around the giraffe pen, then decided to head back towards the rest of the zoo.  As we were walking past the giraffe loop entrance, I happened to glance up and notice that the baby was out!  I might have squealed like a little girl.  We walked back over to the giraffe pen and watched the sweet giraffe family for a little bit. 

After the giraffes and horses (zebras), we began the journey to the elephants.  We stopped along the way to watch a few animals, but most of them were being super lazy enjoying the weather.  After the elephants, we found some shaded picnic tables and had lunch.  Of course, the boys were much more excited about the Cheetos and blueberries than the sandwiches.

Joseph loves feeding people.  Bryar didn't mind being fed.

Mr. Cheeto face.

Aunt Moo is so funny (at least Joseph thinks so, Bryar isn't so sure).

After lunch, we let the boys play in the leaves for a little bit.

They had a blast running up and down the hill!

And just exploring.

While the boys were playing, Sarah enjoyed a nap in Aunt Moo's arms.

After lunch, we loaded the boys back in the stroller (we let them both ride in the double stroller while I wore Sarah in the moby wrap or we carried her so we wouldn't have to mess with two strollers all day) and headed towards the aquatic center.  The boys loved the sea lions.  This is Joseph saying "wow" as it swam by.  We watched them swim longer than we watched any other animal. 

After visiting all of the animals, we headed to the playground by the entrance to get out any energy the boys might still have.

Sarah enjoyed a little stretching time while the boys played. 

We left the zoo around 2:30.  Both boys passed out within five minutes of leaving and slept the entire way home.  I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love that my sister has a child so close I age to my own.  I see many trips like this one in our future as the boys grow and become friends.

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