Monday, November 18, 2013

Joseph is 18 Months Old

Where has the time gone?!  It seems like just the other day we were celebrating Joseph's first birthday, now he's half way to two years old!  Just thinking about him being one and a half makes me tear up a little.  To say Joseph's world has changed in the last couple of months is an understatement.  He is an amazing big brother (much better than I was afraid he would be)!  We have to keep a close eye on him around Sarah since he is still a little wobbly sometimes and thinks he can do things (like lift her) that he can't, but I truly think he would never intentionally harm her.  When Sarah cries, Joseph says, "noooo" (in an I want her to feel better and not cry way) and runs around the room trying to find a paci for her or starts rocking her.  He will also get blankets, diapers, and bottles for her when asked. 

Joseph has been great about sharing all of his baby things with Sarah, but we recently found the one thing he doesn't want to share, his taggie blanket.  I got it out for Sarah the other day and he was fine with her having it for a while.  He even played oh no (his version of peek-a-boo) with her using it.  When it was time for Joseph to go to bed, Sarah was still awake and the taggie was on her lap.  I asked him if he wanted to give her a kiss goodnight (as he often does), and he just stood there looking at her.  He watched her for a minute or two, took a deep breath, grabbed his taggie, and took off running.  I followed him to see where he was going and found him in his bedroom trying to open the dresser drawer.  I opened the drawer for him and he put the taggie in, shut the drawer, and walked off.  I guess I need to break out the sewing stuff and make Sarah a taggie of her own.

Joseph is also in love with lotion and Germ-X right now.  Anytime he spies some, he thinks he needs a squirt on his hands.  He promptly rubs them together until the substance is no longer visible. 

Oh, he also loves to dance right now which is hilarious because he basically bounces up and down with his arms sticking out while spinning in a circle.  I'm afraid he is developing my dance skills.  And he talks all. the. time (what can I say, he is our child).  He can tell you some animals and sounds and tons of basic words like more, eat, go, outside, and all done as well as body parts, clothing pieces, and baby items, but prefers to say sentences (although you can't understand most of what he's saying) and will say the same thing over and over until you finally guess correctly or he gives up.  Just last night, when we were keeping him up for a little bit because he bumped his head really hard right before bath time, he came up to me and said "me wanna go sweep."

Since we just did family maternity pictures and family newborn pictures (I promise, I will post them someday), Joseph didn't get an 18 month photo shoot, so I made sure I took a few myself.  He might not be dressed to impress, and the backgrounds might leave a lot to be desired, but this is our little guy being who he is at our house.

His cheese face makes me laugh every time he does it!

Isn't he handsome!

He was telling me something in this one.

He still loves his car (and I couldn't decide which picture I liked best).

Flashback to Joseph playing with that car when he was 9 months old.


"What, mom?"

Watching the dogs play.

 Happy 18 months, baby boy!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

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