Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family Fun Day - Frontier City

Yes, you read that right.  One cool, October morning we loaded up the kids and went to Frontier City (an amusement park in Oklahoma City).  We weren't sure if they would have much for Joseph to do, but since Sam's work offered all of their employees two free tickets and children two and under get in free, we didn't have much to lose (our back up plan was to leave Frontier City and head to the zoo if we needed to).  We hadn't been to Frontier City since Sam and I went with our friend Aaron a couple of years ago (I wrote about it here), so we thought it would be fun to go back. 

It turns out, they have a great kid zone with lots of stuff for children Joseph's age to do.  He loved climbing in the buildings and looking at the people below.

Riding the little train with Daddy.

And playing in the multi-level maze/playground thing.

After they played in the jungle gym thing for a long time, Sam and I traded places and he stayed with Sarah while I rode the big train with Joseph.

I promise, he really enjoyed the day even though he is going through a period where he doesn't want to smile for pictures. 

After the big train, Sam rode some adult rides while Sarah napped in the stroller and Joseph and I walked around people watching.  We ran into a few people that Sam works with as well as some other friends from Stillwater.  One couple even offered to watch the kids for a bit so I could ride a couple of rides with Sam, but I politely told them that I prefer not to lose my lunch.  After Sam rode a few rides and Joseph took a power nap, we made our way to the carousel. Like we predicted it was a hit with our horse loving little boy.

After the carousel, we watched the zombie parade (the chainsaw was the only thing that got any kind of reaction from Joseph), ate a funnel cake, and headed home where we all slept soundly. 

Oh, and can you believe that this is the only picture we took of Sarah all day and I took it with my phone, not the good camera.  Mom of the year, right here.


  1. Love the pictures of Sam playing with Joseph. Can't tell which of your boys is having more fun?!?!?

  2. Love the pictures of Sam playing with Joseph. I can't tell which of your boys is having more fun?!?!?!