Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Think We're Too Old For This

What, you might be wondering, do I think we are too old for?  Well, let me tell you about last weekend.  We started the weekend with a trip to Hastings (for CD's because we're old and still like CD's) followed by some yummy Swick's pizza.  Shortly after we returned home, Ben and Kim arrived for the weekend.  We stayed up talking for a little bit while the dogs played (Rufus has a huge crush on Kim's dog, Scout), then called it a night around midnight.  

Saturday morning, we woke up eagerly awaiting the OSU vs. Missouri game.  We all went to Eskimo Joe's where we met up with our friends Jen and Travis to watch the game.  After the game (which we won!), we had to check out the new Joe's Clothes.  It's very different from when I worked there back in my college days.  
That's why I love him!  He's willing to play along with my silly picture ideas (most of the time :). 

We then loaded up the dogs to go camping.  It was perfect weather for camping!  Kim and I stayed up way too late talking after the boys pansied out and went to bed early (if you call 10 early).  We woke up Sunday, ate breakfast, played with the dogs, ate lunch (Do you see a theme here?  We ate a lot of food.) then packed up.  After Ben and Kim left, Sam and I hit the bike trails.  I don't have any pictures from this adventure because Sam broke a chain a little less than a mile in so we had a to turn around and walk our bikes out.  While walking out, Sam twisted his ankle.  I felt really bad for him.

Kim is a fire master (even though Ben want's to take the credit for this one ;)!

Do you see Kim's (mansion) tent on the left?  Do you see our (shack) tent on the right?  Can you guess what's on my Christmas list?  We need a bigger tent if we plan to continue camping after we get kids ;).

Kim, the hand model, showing off her perfect s'more.

I don't know why, but this picture of Rufus makes me chuckle.

Oh how the dogs loved running on the shore!  Poor Rufus had a hard time keeping up with Bella's long legs and Scout's young dog energy.

Look at those ears!

Now, you might be thinking that seems like a fairly reasonable weekend, but we didn't stop there...  We got home from camping about 3pm Sunday, quickly showered, and jumped in the car to drive an hour to Frontier City.  For those of you that don't know, Frontier City is an amusement park in Oklahoma City.  We've been talking about going for a while and finally decided to set a date and do it (we hadn't been since when we were dating over eight years ago).  We met our friend Aaron there and had a blast riding rides (including the log flume which I was assured wouldn't get me wet), watching the wild west show, riding more rides, and people watching.  We finally headed home a little before 10 thoroughly exhausted.  

This is the only picture we took at Frontier City.  

There you have it, our crazy, busy weekend.  Our goal was to go to bed early every night this week since OSU's homecoming is this coming weekend (translation ~ seven additional people staying at our house with multiple events/festivities every day).  It's going to be a blast!


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