Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Rest of the Weekend

I know I already wrote a post about the memory walk this weekend, but that's not all we did.  As most of you know, the memory walk was held in Cherokee which is really close to where Sam's parents live.  We decided to go up to their house on Friday evening so we wouldn't have to get up as early Saturday morning.  On the way there, Sam noticed what he thought would be a great photo.  We had to turn the car around and park in the gate to a field, but I think it was worth it.  What do you think?

Can you believe that this picture is unedited?!

Saturday morning, Sam, his mom, and I drove to the memory walk (which you can read about here) while his dad loaded their pick-up and headed to Stillwater to meet Ben and Kim (Sam's brother and his girlfriend).  As soon as the memory walk was over, our crew headed to Stillwater also.  Sam's parents have a friend with four awesome tickets and an even better parking pass that he wasn't using this weekend, so he gave them to Sam's parents.  Sam, Susan, and I arrived in Stillwater about 30 minutes before kick-off, so we decided to park downtown and ride the shuttle to campus.  This turned out to be a great idea that we will use again!  We parked right next to the bus stop and they dropped us off at the stadium.  We had a blast at the game (even though it rained like crazy)!
 Not the best picture, but it's pretty much all we have from that day due to the rain.  I'm pretty sure we were the only ones with any kind of tailgate in that parking lot.  (Yes, that's Gallagher-Iba in the background!)

With the hubs before it rained.

Waiting for the shuttle with Kim after the game. 

My final picture for today is good for a laugh or two (or maybe I just have an odd sense of humor :).
Three things about this picture:
1.  Ben got a little sunburnt.
2.  Ben was saying (and motioning), "Just from the waist up."
3.  Look how prepared I was.  I have my H2no jacket on, Ben's poncho in a pack around my neck, AND an umbrella!

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  1. Courtney, I think you should submit the picture to a catalog co or even to a contest. It is really a great pic and depicts OKLAHOMA living in a great way. Love, Gma Jean