Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Path We're Taking

As many of you know, yesterday was our final appointment at the fertility clinic.  (Well, it was supposed to be... they forgot to tell me that they needed fasting bloodwork since I'm finished with the study.  I'll go back for that Friday.)  The results were as we expected (negative) and I'm happy to say that we're both pretty ok with where we are in life right now.  Yes, it's a little sad to think that I will never be pregnant again (I know some of you are saying, "Don't say never," but we're trying to be realistic and know that there is a 99% chance it won't happen).  At the same time, I'm excited for the next step in our journey.  I'm eager to put all of our focus into adopting a couple (or few ;) kids without having to worry about if we might be pregnant and how that will effect everything.  I'm ready for whatever God has in store. 


  1. sorry to hear the fertility treatment wasn't the results you had hoped for, but crossing my fingers for good adoption news soon!