Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday {Ten} Random Pictures From My Phone

I have a bunch of random pictures on my phone, so I decided to share some of them with you today for my Tuesday Ten.

1.}  I had to make a couple of these creepy cute cats after I saw them over at This Mama Makes Stuff.  I loved them so much I made them the next day!  They are ceramic cats (from the thrift store) spray painted black with red glitter glue eyes.  The best part is that for less than $4 I have two new Halloween decorations!

2.}  When I was at the thrift store looking for ceramic cats, I scored this whole pile of awesomeness for $2!

3.}  This is proof that my mother-in-law loves me.  Last time we went up there, she had peanut butter pie waiting on me!

4.}  We made ricotta cheese the other day.  While it didn't taste bad, I think we will leave the cheese making to the experts.

5.}  A little while back, Sam had to go on a business trip.  While he was there, I texted this picture to show him what he was missing out on at home.  Yes, I was on Pinterest while watching Project Runway. 

6.}  When my grandma got a new vehicle, she asked the dealership to move her front license plate over for her.  Can you believe that they put it upside down!  To the person who did this, I realize that you are probably an OU fan, but the man buying this vehicle as well as his son and three of his grandkids actually went to school at OSU.  Have you ever even been to the OU campus for something other than a football game?  That being said, the funny thing about this picture is that my grandma drove around like this for a couple of weeks before I noticed and pointed it out to her. 

7.}  Ben, my brother-in-law, gave me this card the other day.  How often do you see a Boston Terrier and Great Dane together on something?

8.}  I'm sorry about the quality of this picture, but I had to include it.  While I was sewing the other day, I looked up to see Rufus laying on Bella.  I snapped a quick picture with my phone before getting up to go grab the other camera.  As suspected, Rufus promptly jumped up and followed me.

9.}  This was Bella's face when we pulled up at the camp grounds the other night.  If that's not a happy dog face, I don't know what is!

10.}  And lastly, we'll do anything for a laugh around here.  Every time Sam would nod his head to make the lamb move, both dogs would start barking.  It was entertaining to say the least.

There you have it, this week's Tuesday Ten.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my random pictures!


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  1. Haha! The sheep head cracks me up! I love you guys...
    Let's go junking again soon - my treasures were not as good, and now we know the best fried pickle joint in town...