Monday, October 29, 2012

Homecoming 2012

The week of October 20th was OSU's homecoming celebration.  As is our annual tradition, we attended a few of the festivities I mentioned in last year's post.  Next year we hope to attend more since Joseph will actually be old enough to enjoy the carnival and parade.

We started with walk around Friday night.  One of Sam's only requests when we were buying baby items was a backpack carrier and boy were we glad we had it at walk around.  I couldn't imagine trying to push a stroller through the crowds.  Of course, Joseph slept through 90% of the evening.

As usual, the crowds were huge.

Joseph did wake up in time to enjoy the last few house decs.  I think he looks adorable peeking over the backpack, but I am a little biased. 

Can you believe this is our only family pic from the whole weekend.

The next day, we decided to watch the game at one of the tents Eskimo Joe's had set up.  We did this in case I needed to take Joseph home to nap since people would be coming over after the game and we didn't want him to be cranky.  Fortunately, he slept through over half of the game in the noisy tent!  I had a great view of three generations of Parks' from where I sat.

When Joseph did wake up, we broke out the go-pod which made him happy.

Especilly since he found the guy sitting at the table next to us very amusing

After the game, everyone met up at our house for a chili bar which was simple and tasty.  We had everything you might need for hot dogs, frito chili pies, baked potatoes, and a simple bowl of chili.  Of course, I didn't get any pictures.

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