Monday, October 29, 2012

Joseph is 5 Months Old

Five months, I can't believe it!  This month Joseph became a rolling fool.  He prefers to roll to the right, but can roll both ways if he needs to.  Sometimes I put him at one end of the room and let him roll to the other end, then I either turn him around or carry him back to the starting point and let him start again.  I joke that he might as well be crawling because he can figure out how to roll between furniture and everything.  This is one time that I'm glad we have a sunken living room, at least he can't get out of the room (I'm sure I will be hating this feature when he starts crawling and walking).  I've already posted about a lot of the events Joseph attended during his fifth month of life, so I won't repeat those here, but I am including a few different pictures from the last month.

Joseph - 5 Months

Joseph started eating solid foods this month and he can't get enough! 

He wasn't too sure about the first couple of bites, but after that he was grabbing the spoon to put it in his mouth because I wasn't moving fast enough.  After a few nights of just rice cereal, we started adding veggies.  His favorite is peas, but he will eat anything I give him.

One weekend when OSU wasn't playing, we had a spur of the moment, quick trip to Dallas.  While we were there, we were able to visist Uncle Ty and show him that Joseph was supporting his Aggies that day.

Joseph loves to pull on Sam's beard.  In fact, Sam is hesitant to shave it off now because he is afraid Joseph won't recognize him.

He also discovered the mirror and lambs above the swing this month.  Sometimes I don't even know when he wakes up from nap because he will be looking at himself and playing.

Oh, he also got a new ride this month.  Since he loves his jumperoo so much, we decided to break out the doorway jumper.  We put it in the kitchen entryway so he can hang out while I cook. 


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