Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Momma Needs (Make That Won) a New Pair of Shoes

Last Thursday, we drove to Oklahoma City to participate in The Red Coyote's weekly Pack Pint Run.  This was our second time to "run with the pack," and we will definetely continue to do so when we can.  Pretty much, it's a 5k without the entry fees and pressure, you meet at the store at 6pm, then, as a group, run a 5k route.  It's actually a there and back route, so if you can't do the whole thing (or have little kids running with you), you just turn around early.  Everyone is very friendly and encouraging even though most of the regulars are marathon runners and they can easily smoke us newer runners.  When you get back to the store, they even have COOP ale for everyone to enjoy.  Sometimes they have bigger events like when the Brooks bus was there and they had a mini block party.  Seriously, if you live in the area you should check them out sometime.  We have had a blast both times we've gone. 

Back to the topic at hand, last week they held a Spooky Pack Pint Run.  Everyone was asked to dress in costumes and they had a contest after the run.  Of course, I couldn't pass up a chance to dress Joseph and I in coordinating costumes. 

Since his lederhosen hat was actually a Peter Pan hat, I decided to reuse it and dress us up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (I tried to get Sam to be Captain Hook, but he wasn't feeling it).  I wish I had a video of the contest itself because our little boy worked the crowd.  They started the contest with a few groups of costumes.  Based on cheering from the crowd, they selected the top two from each group to come back for the final round.  During the finals, Joseph was fine while the crowd was cheering for everyone else.  When they were all looking at and cheering for hime, he got his pouty face then started to cry.  When everyone stopped cheering and laughed, he turned on the ham factor with one of his big, cheesy grins.  Kiddo, you're a mess :)  One man jokingly commented about my accessory to which my husband responded, "yeah, but she had to push her accessory the whole way."

Well, we won the contest!  The grand prize was a free pair of running shoes!  They brought out a few of their top pairs for me to try on and told me to pick the ones I wanted.  John and Evan won one of the finalist prizes (a $25 gift card!), but I don't have a picture of them to show you.

Peter Pan hung out with Daddy while I tried on shoes.  I just love how his little hand is on Sam's in this picture!

I even broke in the new kicks with a nice little 3 mile run yesterday.  They aren't the coolest looking shoes they had, but they sure feel good.

When I get a copy of the whole group picture, I will add it to the post.  We had Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, old and new Batman, two butterflies, and Mario in our group.


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