Friday, January 24, 2014

Date Night - CHICAGO The Musical

My husband is hit or miss when it comes to gifts.  I mean, I can expect an awesome, extremely thoughtful gift or nothing at all for pretty much every holiday or special occasion.  I'm fine with this because the awesome gifts are truly awesome and have a lot of thought behind them. 

January 3rd was my birthday.  It was also the date of the OSU bowl game.  Since football is always better with company, we invited some friends over to watch the game with us.  Sam had told me that he had my gift but he didn't have my gift.  I assumed it was a gift certificate of some sort.  I eventually figured out that it was tickets (I promise I wasn't snooping, I just check his email occasionally because all of the bills and stuff go there and I'm who pays the bills) but I still didn't know what they were tickets to (see, I didn't even open that e-mail).  I kept asking if the event was in Tulsa or Oklahoma City and he eventually told me it could possibly be in a different city, maybe even a different state.  This only confused me more.  When he got home from work that night, he decided to make another food item to enjoy during the game.  He asked me to get out the cutting board, blender, and all that jazz.  I thought it was odd he was talking in musical form, but didn't realize it was yet another clue.  Finally, he told me that he had purchased two tickets to go see Chicago The Musical.  I was thrilled!  I quickly asked what we were going to do with the kids and he told me that our good friends the Castros (the people at our house at that moment because they were watching the game with us) had called earlier in the day to offer to watch the kids while we went to dinner for my birthday before the game and he had asked them if he could postpone that offer until the night of the musical.  To say I was excited about spending an entire evening with my love while knowing the kids were with people they love is an understatement.

Sunday, January 19th came around and we got all dressed up and headed out on our big date evening.  This was a decent sacrifice for Sam because the San Francisco - Seattle playoff game was during the show and I know he would have much rather been watching that (he only checked the score during intermission).  Being the good wife that I am, when we arrived at the restaurant, I asked for a table where he could view the TV so he could watch the Denver game while we ate.  Being the good husband that he is, he only looked at the TV a few times instead concentrating on our conversation. 

It was definitely one of the best nights I've had in a long time.  Great conversation with a handsome guy, a wonderful performance that I wanted to sing along with (I didn't), and returning home to two kiddos already tucked into bed.  Thank you, Sam, Heidi, and John for making it happen!

Of course, we had to take a couple of quick pictures before we left. 

Yup, this is real life.  Baby carrier to the left, coats hanging on the banister, toddler head barely in the picture.

My handsome dinner date.

The playbill.  I might have been scoping out next years shows to see what tickets he can get me for my next birthday (Million Dollar Quartet, maybe).

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  1. I'm SO glad you guys had fun! We love those kiddos!!