Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sarah is 4 Months Old

Miss Sarah had a busy month!  Shortly after she turned three months old, she became a very vocal little girl.  She doesn't necessarily babble, but it's more than a coo.  She smiles a lot now, especially at her daddy.  She can roll from her stomach to her back.  She likes sitting in the Bumbo, but it makes her spit up, so I don't let her do it often.  Also, I think it's now safe to say she is a paci baby.  Girl loves her paci and brother loves shoving one in her mouth when she even thinks about crying.  You might notice a little extra bling in Sarah's pictures this month since I took her and had her ears pierced.  I wanted to do it before she was old enough to a.) touch them and get them infected and b.) remember it hurt.  On Monday the 27th (two days after she turned 4 months old), we went in for her check up and found out that Sarah weighs 13.6 pounds and is 24 1/4 inches long. 

Sarah - Month 4

We broke out the jumparoo this month which she really enjoys.

Sarah has started manipulating toys on her own and occasionally takes them to her mouth.  She loves he paci pet and sometimes chews on its ears or legs. 

She is interested in all things Joseph and watches him and his things intently.  Especially when he leaves a bowl of snacks right next to her (because he quickly jumped out of the chair when I grabbed the camera since, I guess, he doesn't want documentation that he likes sitting next to her).

Sarah is doing a great job holding her head up, especially during tummy time (even though it isn't her favorite time of day).

Superman, aka Joseph, was a little jealous during her letter photo shoot this month.  Here he is pouting while still wearing my favorite pajamas (it was early morning) and needing a hair cut.

He then tried a different approach.

I still managed to get a couple of cute pictures.

Even though this picture was taken with my phone instead of the camera, it ranks pretty high in my all time favorite pictures of Sarah.  That's the smile that I know and love. 

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