Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sarah is 3 Months Old

On Christmas day, Miss Sarah turned 3 months old which means I'm (once again) a little late with this post.  I keep telling myself that someday I will get this whole life with a toddler and infant thing figured out and actually have time to craft and blog again.  Oh well, I sure enjoy spending all of my time and energy with them. 

Sarah is still the sweetest little baby around... until she gets hungry.  When Sarah gets hungry, she definitely lets you know with a full on cry/scream fest that causes her whole body to turn bright red.  She doesn't do this every time, just when she's been trying to give you subtle clues and you still don't feed her.  The other 95% of the time, she is as sweet and easy going as can be.  When she turned 3 months old, she was still making some cooing noises and smiling a little, but nothing extreme.  She was also still sleeping A LOT.  She even slept through an entire Christmas celebration.  So far, noise doesn't bother her when she sleeps.  I think it's because of her loud older brother.  Speaking of Joseph, Sarah loves him.  She smiles more for him than anyone else and watches him as he moves around the room. 

Sarah - Month 3
Sarah had her first real scratch this month.  Lucky for Joseph, she was laying on one side of me while he and I played on the floor when it happened so I knew she did it herself and he wasn't to blame. 

Thankfully, her old man hair fell out and Sarah is now growing hair the same length all over her head.

And she still has "scared eyes" most of the time.

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