Sunday, November 2, 2014


One sunny, Sunday afternoon, the Parks crew loaded up and headed to Oklahoma City for the 2nd annual Red Coyote Runtoberfest.  Sam ran this event last year with some friends, but since Sarah was only a few weeks old I stayed home.  I'm so glad we went this year because it was a blast!  Seriously, a combination of a 5k and Oktoberfect, how could you go wrong with that!

Since it was Runtoberfest and all, I dressed Sarah in the lederhosen I made Joseph for his first Oktoberfest.  Luckily it was a tad big on him and she's on the slender side, so it worked.

I realize this isn't the attire traditionally worn by girls, but it was still awfully cute on her.  I substituted a flower for the feather, so it was a little girly, right?

They had a costume contest that we weren't going to enter Sarah in, but the owners said we should.  We agreed, but said she shouldn't win a prize since all the other entries actually ran a 5k in their costumes.

They ended up adding a gift card to the prizes because they said her outfit was too cute not to.

Joseph was there too, he just wasn't dressed up and was avoiding my camera as he often does these days. 

And, just for fun, here's a flashback to when Joseph wore the lederhosen. 

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  1. Very cool idea the Runtoberfest! We should introduce this in Europe as well :) Thanks for sharing.