Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Color of Hope 2014

Stillwater Life Services is a great organization here in Stillwater that Sam and I have been wanting to get involved with for a few years.  They are a pro-life Christian organization that provides STD testing, pregnancy testing, information and peer counseling on all pregnancy options, parenting classes, mentoring programs, and aid to those who choose to parent.  A fact I love about SLS is that 75% of the girls that walk through their door consider abortion an option, but after all the services provide (including free limited uultrasounds), 90% of those girls choose life.  Also, although they don't support abortion, they don't turn their backs on those young ladies and even provide post-abortion counseling (isn't that what God would do?).  If you are interested in finding out more about SLS, their website is www.stillwaterlife.org (this is their client site, if you are interested in how you too can get involved, I can get you that information also).

A couple of years ago, Sam and I participated in their annual Walk For Life fundraiser.  Then, last year we attended their spring banquet fundraiser (these are their two big fundraisers each year).  While at the banquet, we told them we were interested in volunteering in some way.  A few weeks later, we received an email asking if we would be interested in volunteering on the Walk For Life committee, except now it was a 5k instead of a walk.  They didn't know that we actually run 5ks, so we took it as a sign we should do it.  Since the meetings were during the day, Sam wasn't able to actually serve on the committee, but he helped in any way he could. 

Starting in April, the committee members met many, many times.  At one of the first meetings, the possibility of making it a color run was thrown out there.  Since there had never been a color run in Stillwater before, we decided to give it a try. 

The risk of switching it to a color run paid off big time!  On Saturday, October 11, the Color of Hope run/walk took place with 335 registered runners and walkers as well as 85+ volunteers present!  This is the largest attendance they have ever had... and between sponsors, individuals raising funds and entry fees, we raised over $40,000!  This money will go a long way in helping this small non-profit help the men and women they serve. 

Since I was busy before, during, and after the race, Sam pushed the kids in it.  This year we invested in color station supplies (mostly huge, heavy tarps), next year we are investing in our start/finish line.

Don't they look thrilled for their first color run.  Sam didn't see the stroller weather shield I had put in the car to keep the stroller clean, so he only ran through the orange station in case it stained :).

From my spot at the start/finish line, we had a great view of the orange station.  It was fun to see the puff of color as the runners ran through.  Three of the four color stations were sponsored by area businesses or groups who were given the option of decorating their stations as well as providing the volunteers for that station.  I don't have any pictures since I wasn't one of the roamers, but the pink station was sponsored by The Story of Audrey (a sweet baby girl who lived for 81 precious days).  They decorated in her honor and many friends and family came out to help with the station.  It was great to see the support her parents were receiving as I know how helpful that was to us. 

If you are interested in seeing more pictures or want to keep up to date on next year's event, our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/stillwaterlifecolorofhope
A huge amount of thanks goes out to all the businesses that sponsored our event.  They included:  The Story of Audrey , Furniture Showcase, The Coffee Shop, The House FM, Stillwater Screenprinting, Kicker, Beardon Services, Dr. Glen Henry, MyLaptopGPS, Houck Agency, Gladney Center for Adoption, Lee Company, Palominos, Red Dirt Crossfit, Schlotzsky's, Stillwater Medical Center, University and Community Federal Credit Union, Frank Evans DO, Payne County Bank, El Vaquero, Lowell Barto Law Office, Ramsey Auto, Bancfirst, Sunrise Health Institute, Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma, Chanda A. Kennemer DDS PC, Razook's Drug, Stillwater Periodontal Center, Stillwater Medical Center, Run With It, Stillwater Summit Co., Youth Fitness Zone, Quality Water Services, and Purdy-Q as well as the many door prize donors including Leonard Jewelry and Stillwater Armory.
A personal thanks goes out to my friends who helped watch my kids while I went to meetings, my fellow committee members who were understanding when my kids tagged along to meetings, and all my friends who came out and participated in the event. 


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