Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Dun It, Horse Races, & Crafting

Friday night we went to a Who Dun It mystery dinner with Blake and Mindy.  Who Dun It is a group that puts on comedy murder mystery plays at various restaurants in the Oklahoma City area (our's was at Ted's Cafe Escondido).  Blake and I worked together to surprise Mindy with a fun evening for their 2nd anniversary and even though Mom spilled the beans and told her that Sam and I were going on the date with them, Mindy didn't know where we were going until that night.  As I sometimes like to do, I'll tell this story mostly with pictures.

Who dun it?  We don't know yet...

Part of the cast, Doc Doomsday, Jimmy Eastwood (the singing narrator), and Willie Jitters.

Sam was harassed by the cast mid-show.

I might have told them that it was Mindy and Blake's anniversary when I made the reservation.

She dun it (Miss Fanny Swatter, the school marm who just happens to be an elementary principal in real life).

Having a great time at Madaam Yawanna Yahoo's Saloon!

Our guys were such good sports the whole night!

After dinner, Sam received a call from one of his friends, Aaron, telling us that he was at Remington Park watching the horse races and my parents were there too.  We decided that since we were already down in "the city" we should go watch the races too.  We managed to get there two races before Grandpa's horse ran (who just happened to come in 2nd!) which was great because it was REALLY cold and I wouldn't have wanted to stand outside for much longer.  (Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from the race track.)

Saturday Sam and I got up and drove to Tulsa so I could have a crafting day with my friend Jessica while Sam hung out with his friend, and Jessica's husband, Rocky. 

I might have packed up well over half of my craft closet to take with us, and we might have stayed up until 3:20 in the morning crafting (the boys fell asleep in the living room waiting on us to go to bed :). 

Here are the goodies from our 24 hour craftathon (we did take breaks to eat, sleep, and shop for fabric).  We made (clockwise from top left) a carseat cover, super hero cape, hooded bath towel, crayon keepers, newborn hats, stenciled onesie, more newborn hats, a korker ribbon bow, and another crayon keeper.  All in all, it was a GREAT weekend!


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