Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rufus!

 Since I made a blog post for Bella's birthday, it's only fair that I make one for Rufus too.  So, without farther ado, here are some fun facts about Rufus:
~  His favorite food is cheese!  He starts spinning if you ask him if he wants cheese.
~  His teeth are symmetrically crooked.
~  He loves being dirty!
~  He loves water, but doesn't swim.
~  Rufus doesn't know how to play with other little dogs.  He only knows how to play with big dogs (who normally don't want to play with him).
~  Although he doesn't really bark, he makes more noise than any dog I've ever known.
~  When you pet Rufus (especially on his head), he tries to lick your hand, making it difficult to pet him. 
~  Rufus LOVES Bella!  He will follow her anywhere and gets depressed when she isn't around.  He licks her face every night.  
~  Every morning, when Sam sits down to put his boots on, Rufus sits either on Sam's foot or between his legs.
~  Almost every time Rufus enters the house he runs to the kitchen to check the floor then squeaks his kong toy repeatedly.
~  Rufus plays tug-of-war with Bella, but won't play it with people.
~  He only gets on the furniture when invited and loves my orange blanket because he knows he's likely to get invited up when it's out.
~  He doesn't jump on people, but he does jump on Bella and the glass door. 
~  Sometimes little kids mistake Rufus for a pig.  I think it's a combination of the snorting noise he makes, his curly tail, the way he roots around with his nose, and the shape of his body.
~  Rufus, in typical Boston fashion, smiles often.

Awwwww, Rufus the day we got him.

 When Rufus and Bella first met.

 He was such a cute puppy!

 When we first got Rufus, his entire body fit in Bella's mouth and I was scared to let them play together.  Luckily, she was very gentle with him. 

 Rufus broke his leg when he was less than six month old. 

 He likes to take naps with Sam.

Proof of his love of water (yes, he is trying to climb into a bucket).  

 When he was two, Rufus had to have a grass awn surgically removed from his paw.

He is such a happy dog!!!


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