Sunday, May 15, 2011

One. More. Class.

That's right, we only have one class left!  We are almost completely finished with our homework (since we did the assignment for each class right after we got home even though it isn't due until the final class... yeah, right).  Also in preparation for Tuesday's class, the brisket we signed up to bring to the potluck is thawing in the fridge.  No lie, when they passed around a sign up sheet I did a quick mental inventory of ready to heat and serve meals in our freezer and let Sam choose one.  Yeah, I'm lazy like that, I didn't even make the brisket, my mother-in-law did (she's the best ever!).  The last class is an easy one that will go something like this:  panel of teenagers in foster care, eat dinner, panel of foster parents, graduation (ok, so they don't call it graduation, but we do get some kind of certificate at the end of class).

Once class is over, all we lack is a lot of waiting.  As far as the home study goes, our contractor has all of the requested information and is typing up the final report.  She might have a few small questions, but we've given her all the major information.  We are also waiting for our fingerprints to come back.  When those two things are complete, I will turn in our life book (which I need to start) and the real waiting game begins.  Wow, it's starting to feel like this might really happen!


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