Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yes, We're Those People

Disclaimer:  All of the pictures in this post are from my phone.  Sorry about the poor quality.

The other night, we were hanging out at the house when we realized that the dogs were down to two toys... and those two toys were the squeaker ball insides of  Kong toys they destroyed.

We decided, since we weren't doing anything else, to take the dogs to Petco to get a new toy or two.  Although Bella had been to Petco once when she was a puppy, Rufus had never been there.  It's not that we were concerned about how they would behave, we just didn't want to be those people (even though we totally are).  As expected, they both did great in the store.  We walked up and down the toy aisles looking at all the choices until Bella saw the toy she wanted.

It is just like one she had in the past and is the only thing in the entire store she tried to grab (even though she could have easily helped herself to the treat bar).

We started buying the Kong brand toys a few years back because most toys don't last very long when you have a Great Dane lifting a Boston Terrier off the ground with a toy (one of her ways of getting the toy from him while playing tug of war).  I love that the are not only very durable, but that they also have a squeaker ball instead of stuffing.  Bella especially loves the animal Kong toys because they have ultra soft material inside their ears.  She was so excited to take it home that she laid with it all night.

We also bought them some raw hides which Rufus loved!

All in all, it was a great outing!  Now that we've taken the leap into being those people, we might have to do it again sometime.


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