Monday, November 19, 2012

Joseph is 6 Months Old!

It's hard to believe that our little guy celebrated his half birthday yesterday!  Joseph is still loving his vegetables and the few fruits he has tried so far with the exception of sweet potatoes (although he will eat them if I mix them with his favorite, peas).  He's still rolling all over and getting into anything he can get his hands on.  Sometimes he gets up on his legs like he wants to crawl, but he can't figure out how to work his arms and bulldozes a few inches before giving up and rolling.  We're pretty sure he's starting to teeth even though we can't see or feel anything yet becuse he's had a couple of  low grade fevers and goes to town on his teething rings all day long.  Although in true Joseph fashion, he still cries more when he's mad that when he doesn't feel good.  I'm working on an official six month photo shoot, but wanted to go ahead and post his six month update today. 

 Joseph - 6 Months

At the end of October, Joseph started sitting at the table with us for dinner.  I'm so glad we opted for the chair attachment that hooks on to the table instead of a traditional high chair so he is right there with us.  I also quickly learned that I needed to replace the fabric table cloth with an easier to clean plastic one. 

 The only bad thing about him eating dinner with us is that he looks like such a big boy in his chair. 

He also has a new smile where he squints his eyes and scrunches up his nose.  He often does this to get attention when we are in a group setting and no one is paying attention to him.  This picture is just a small example of his smile, when he does it full force, it's hard not to laugh at him. 

Here are my dapper looking guys after church the other day.

I couldn't resist dragging them outside, setting up the tri-pod, and snapping a family picture.

He's quite the shirt chewer and I'm often handing him something else to chew on so he will leave his shirt alone.  As a former teacher, I know what a hard habit that can be to break later on.

He's not very fond of my photography class and turns his head and won't smile 75% of the time when I try to take his picture these days (which is a few times a week).

Guess what?!?!  We've finally finished spelling Joseph's first name.  Next month he will wear a plain white onesie then I will move on to his middle name.  Look at how much he has grown in the last six months!  I cut all of the stencils out at the same time to insure that they would be the same size. 

Can you believe that in the state of Oklahoma birth mom's grace period should just now be ending.  That's right, birth mom's here normally get six months to change their mind before the adoption is final.  Thank goodness we had an great lawyer and an awesome birth mom who agreed to a 30 day grace period.  Those 30 days were hard enough on me, I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to still be living in limbo. 


  1. Joseph has the most adorable little smile! And I love the name idea to see how he grows and changes his first year! :)

  2. Joseph is adorable! LOVE the name/onsie idea.