Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

I promise, this is the last post I will write about Halloween this year!  I just couldn't pass up showing you my sweet little boy in the shirt I made him and the dogs in their *gasp* store bought costumes.  Since I don't get too into decorating for Halloween, I invaded (with permission) the neighbor's front porch for our photo shoot. 

I get this look a lot!  It's a mix of I'm not real happy and crazy lady, what are you doing.

One of my favorites from the shoot.

Those fat little fingers are irresistible!

He's such a ham.

I had planned on putting Joseph in a Pistol Pete outfit I had on hand, but Sam and I decided to go with his lederhosen since they were so much work to make and he can wear the other outfit for game day.  I took him to three houses to show off his costume, then he slept and played with his ghost for the rest of the evening. 

The dogs were Princess Leia (she strongly disliked the buns)

and Darth Vader.  I bought their costumes on clearance last year after I didn't get around to making them any. 

There you have it, Halloween is now officially over.  Bring on Thanksgiving!


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