Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sarah's Newborn Pictures

Since I posted our maternity pictures last week, I guess it's time to post Sarah's newborn pictures too.  I also have delivery pictures, but I'm trying to decide how I want to share those.  Sarah was dismissed from the NICU on a Sunday.  My friend, Heidi, took these pictures some time that week (I think it was on Tuesday, which would make Sarah around 6 days old).  As with our maternity pictures and Joseph's newborn pictures, we took them at the OSU Botanical Gardens.  We used a few of the props from Joseph's shoot for Sarah which I loved.  Also, as with the maternity pictures, I'm trying to decide which ones to frame, so opinions are welcomed. 

Big brother went with me to the photo shoot.  I hoped he would be willing to take some pictures with Sarah, but he decided he would rather do toddler things like play with rocks, climb on bridges, and play in a water feature resulting in a soaking wet shirt that assured he would not be expected to appear in any pictures.

Except for this one where he stopped what he was doing to come over and check on "baby" and give her a kiss. 

Before the pictures began we made sure Miss Sarah's tummy was full. (Where did all that hair go?!)

Her poor little feet had so many marks from all the times they needed blood during her hospital stays and follow up visits.

When Joseph was born, Sam bought him a bison stuffed animal in the hospital gift shop to represent where he was born (Lawton is right next to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge).  While Sarah was at OU Children's Hospital, he visited the gift shop to get her something and knew this slightly more Rumble looking version of Joseph's stuffed animal was meant for Sarah. 

I love her lips in this one!

These are the pearls I wore in our wedding.

I'm sure I've mentioned it at some point, but Heidi is a fellow angel momma, so she understands the importance of my necklace and why I like to include it in the kids' newborn pictures (she even has a necklace of her own).

Can you tell I never take my necklace off?  You can barely even read her name and date on the back now.

Here are some more pictures in the grass.  Since she was born at the end of September, we were limited in spots with nicely landscaped backgrounds.

And one with her monogram.

In case you are curious what pictures I framed of Joseph's, it's some of the pictures included in his newborn picture post found here.


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