Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend 2014

You're probably expecting some mushy post about how awesome my husband is here, but I'm afraid you won't find that today (although he is pretty awesome).  You see, we aren't really the make a big deal about Valentine's types at the Parks house.  Sam normally gets me a potted plant or a gift certificate to the local chocolate shop which I prefer to jewelry I will never wear and cut flowers that die and I normally get him something small although some years (like this one), I slip and don't get him anything.  We also don't bother trying to go out and eat that night because we know it would be crazy to try to find a sitter and someplace to eat.  Instead, we simply try to show each other our love every day and never pass up an opportunity to say it with a couple of kisses. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to what this post is really about, what I actually did last weekend.  For weeks (since the time my sister found out she would be off Valentine's day), my sister and I had been watching the weather forecast in hopes of a decent day to go to the zoo.  We were excited when February 14th finally appeared in the 7 day and they predicted a nice day.  When our mom found out that all three grandkids would be in the same place on the same day, she asked if she could take off work and join us.  When our grandma found out we were going to the zoo, she decided she wanted to go too.  When she told our grandpa she would be gone that day because she was going to the zoo with us, he decided he should go too.  That's how we ended up with four generations at the zoo on a windy, but nice compared to the weather earlier in the week day. 

After meeting for lunch at the race track across the road (where the boys loved seeing the horses!), we ventured over to the zoo.  Both boys had requested seeing giraffes and rhinos, so we knew we had to visit them.  Since Grandpa's legs aren't what they used to be, we decided it would be best to rent a wheelchair for him (it might have been the best $5 we spent all day). 

We started with a venture through  the Oklahoma Trails which is always a hit.  The boys and grandpa enjoyed watching the bears.  Mom and Grandma preferred the little girl waking up from a nap.

One of the zoo's youngest residents, baby Leom, celebrated his first birthday while we were there.  Of course we stopped by the celebration.  Isn't he cute!

In honor of his birthday, the zoo keepers placed piƱata type things around their enclosure.  The gorillas seemed to enjoy breaking them open and eating the treats.

We asked a lady to take a group picture.  Poor Bryar's head didn't make it into the shot and Sarah was stuck in her stroller, but I promise they were there.

As a special treat for the boys, we decided to ride the "train" (tram) which they LOVED!  They kept saying "all aboard" and "choo choo."  It was adorable!  (Why yes, I did make them matching dump truck Valentine's shirts.  They thought it was cool that they had the same shirt.  Bryar even asked where Sarah's was.  I'm sure they'll thank me for all the matching shirts someday.)

A must anytime we go to the zoo is a visit to the playground before we leave.  It gives Sarah a chance to eat

And the boys a chance to get their wiggles out before we load up to head home. 

I know I've said it before, but it's so much fun having boys so close in age!  I hope they are lifelong friends.

And look how big Miss Thang is getting!

After the zoo, we headed home completely exhausted and looking forward to a quiet evening at home.  We ordered a pizza (what a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, right) and everyone went to bed fairly early. 

Saturday we got up and worked on a few things around the house (Sarah's room is getting really close to being finished!) then I got ready and headed back to Oklahoma City to meet up with my sister again although this time we left the kids with our husbands.  Why did the two of us meet in the city on a Saturday night without the kids?  To see this amazing musical, of course.

It. Was. Awesome!  I had a smile on my face the entire time and have to say it might be my all time favorite of all of the musicals I've seen.  Yes, I just put it above Wicked and The Lion King, I realize many people will disagree with that.

Even though we didn't get a single good picture of the two of us all night, here is a picture of me and my sister.  Can you tell it was well after our bedtimes?  We try to go to at least one play a year together, it's a fun little tradition we've started.

While I was at dinner and the musical was Sam's first time solo parenting the duo for longer than two hours.  He did awesome!  I received a text from a friend telling me that she saw them out for a walk together which she thought was adorable and he even took them to get ice cream after dinner.  Thank you, Sam, for watching them so I could have a night off.

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  1. first off, I think the story of how the generations came together could make a pretty good kids book, second off, grandpa's afghan!!!!
    Looks like a fun day!