Monday, February 24, 2014

Cowtown 10k ~ Sam's First

Sam ran his first 10k this weekend!  He wasn't sure he would be able to run it since he hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago, but he had signed up to run with a friend and decided to give it his best shot.  They ended up not only finishing without walking, but doing so in a decent time.  For a little while, I toyed with the idea of running too, but I have barely ran since Sarah was born because a.) I don't want to drag the little ones out in the extremely cold temperatures and b.) running with a double jogging stroller is like trying to run while pushing a sail in these Oklahoma winds (I know, excuses, excuses).

We all arrived in Dallas (I guess we were technically in Arlington) the night before since race packets had to be picked up by 7 that night.  Sam's brother, Ty, was nice enough to let us all stay at his house including the Castro crew. 

Emily will be graduating from PT school in May, so she taped Sam's knees for him Friday night so he wouldn't have to wear braces during the race.  She even told me where to put the tape and the best way to apply it (thanks, Emily!).  Saturday morning, we woke up way too early and drove over to Ft. Worth for the race.     

After we saw the boys off from the starting line, Heidi and I along with our four munchkins found a nice place to set up camp a little ways before the finish line. 

Joseph was interested in everything Ev did.

 And Em enjoyed some time with her favorite little girl (who ended up being very colorful by the time we added a hat and jacket to her outfit).

Here they come.

And there they go.  The girl beside us was holding a "Hey Girl" poster (you can see it in the picture) which I loved.  I think the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" memes are hilarious. 

After the race, we went back to Ty's house.  The adults were exhausted, but none of the kids were ready for naps.

So we went to a playground down the road then came back and hung out in the backyard for the rest of the day enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Ty has an old tractor in his backyard, so Joseph thought he was in heaven.

He also enjoyed standing at the front fence and telling you what type of vehicle (mostly cars and trucks) drove by.

Sarah spent some time in the Go-Pod and was less than happy with me when I interrupted her play time for a picture.

The next morning, John and the rest of the Castro crew left bright and early again (Do you still say bright and early if it was dark when they left?) so John could run a marathon.  That's right, he ran a 10k one day and a marathon the next.  It was some sort of special challenge they have at some races.  We let the kids sleep in until their normal wake up time, then ventured over to see John cross the finish line.

After John had a chance to shower and cool off a little, we all went out to eat lunch before heading home.  Here is Mr. Joe Cool himself sporting Daddy's sunglasses at lunch.

And this is how you know you are extremely tired and bored on your long drive home... you and your friend track each other on the glympse app pretty much the entire second half of the trip (we made a stop, then Sam spent most of the rest of the way home trying to catch up).

Overall, we had a great weekend with awesome family and friends!  Now I just need to find a 10k I want to run and start preparing for it.

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  1. LOL!! Glympse! You screenshot it!! HILARIOUS!
    It was a great weekend - do the color run with us!