Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Day in Our Life

*I feel like I should warn you that this post gets a little long and boring.  Proceed with caution*

Yesterday morning, Sam asked me to take pictures with both the real camera and my phone (so I could text them to him) if Joseph and I decided to play outside in the snow.  As we were eating breakfast, I thought about it a little bit and decided to document pretty much our entire day since I am sometimes asked what I do at home all day with two little ones.

The morning started like most weekday mornings.  I woke up with Sam and helped pack his gym bag and lunch before he left for work.  He has to be in Perry (30 minutes from our house) by 7:00am daily, but this morning he left extra early due to the weather and a problem with a machine at work.  Since he left so early, I laid back down until the Sarah alarm went off.  This normally happens around 7.  I got up with Sarah and fed her.  Soon after she finished eating, the Joseph alarm went off.  Sarah jumped in her jumparoo while I retrieved him from his room and gave him a cup of milk and breakfast.  After breakfast, we decided to FaceTime with cousin Bryar and Aunt Moo since they were home on a snow day.  To begin with, the boys just studied each other (please ignore the food that I had yet to wipe from my son's mouth).

Bryar loves his Baby Sarah and I think the feeling is mutual.

Once we finished breakfast, we decided to venture out and play in the snow.  My general rule is if it is above freezing and not raining, we go outside (or if there is 3+ inches of awesome fresh snow to romp in).  Sarah waited by the door in her bouncer while we played outside.

Joseph loved helping me wipe the snow off of the cars.

He really did start with two gloves, he just decided to take one off once it got snow in it.

We came inside and Joseph warmed up with a nice long bath complete with new toys and colored water.

Sarah took a nap while Joseph took a bath (the heated lights in our shower room knock that girl out if she is even the slightest bit tired).

After his bath, Joseph found a new favorite spot while I was changing Sarah's clothes.  Sam just finished Sarah's toy box this weekend and Joseph discovered it was the perfect height for looking out the window.

Sarah had tummy time.

During which Joseph decided to drop an entire bucket of toys on her back.

Tummy time was over around 11:45 when Sarah decided she was ready to eat lunch.

As a special treat (and because I wanted one too), Joseph got to eat a cookie while watching Elmo while I fed Sarah.  He sat and watched TV for exactly as long as it took him to eat his cookie.  After I declined his request for another cookie, he decided it was time to build with his legos (I forgot to take a picture of this).

Joseph even shared his blanket with Sarah while she ate and he played.

Joseph played in his room while I prepared Sarah for nap.  He's really into turning the power switch to toys on and off right now.

After lunch, we ventured back to Joseph's room where we attempted a selfie (Bella photo bombed it).

And Joseph played with his dozer.

After way too many books (is there such thing?), Joseph finally went down for nap.

I try to enforce a common nap time every day since that is when I am able to clean, prep dinner, blog, craft, and all that other fun stuff moms do.

On this day, I shoveled our sidewalk and a path along the driveway (with a grain shovel... snow shovels are overrated).

Luckily, both kids woke up from nap in good moods this day.

After a snack for each of them, we ventured back to Sarah's room while I finished folding laundry.  I love when Joseph gives toys to Sarah.

Rufus has decided that he really likes Sarah.

After some more play time with blocks and puzzles and trains (I was busy playing and didn't take any pictures.  Sarah normally sits on my lap  or next to us while we play with these things).

Daddy got home and we ate dinner.  For the first time, Sarah actually ate her cereal and wanted more which must have worn her out because she fell asleep at the table.

Sam was tired from a long day at work and wanted to lay down and watch a show he had recorded.  Joseph had other plans.  Sam quickly gave in and wrestled with Joseph for a little bit.

I tried to take a picture of Sam and Sarah hanging out, but it was also photo bombed... this time by both Bella and Joseph.

After rocking his tractor for a little bit

and reading some books,

it was time for bath and bed time.  Sarah fell asleep again, but this time I woke her up so she could take a bath too.

The boys read books and brushed Joseph's teeth while I finished getting Sarah ready for bed, then the Joseph went to sleep.  Sarah ate again and went to sleep too.  And there you have it, a day at the Parks' house.  Congratulations for making it to the end of this super long, super boring post.  I guess I should add that on Tuesdays Joseph plays with his friends in the nursery while I go to MomBuilders and on Thursdays we go to story time at the library.  I have to say, although I crave adult interaction/conversations sometimes, I love my simple, crazy life.


  1. I think you should clarify that the "food" you had yet to wipe from your sons mouth at 8am was indeed, a COOKIE... not breakfast as you are implying :)

  2. You should get the DAYS app! It automatically puts all the pics/vids from your day into a slideshow you can send sam! :)
    And you didn't take pics from Lego play?! Shame! ;p